I’m great at what I do, but don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what my clients have said about working with me.

Jennifer Ibarra, author of The Polaris Uprising:

Brenda is the best co-pilot you could ask for.

She’s that rare combination of someone who pushes you to excel and gives you the confidence to get there. She won’t coddle you–she’s always looking for ways you can take your story to the next level–but she does deliver her feedback with thought and care, and she more than lives up to her no tears policy. She knows you have a strong vision for your story and not only respects that, but works with you to get you as close to that vision as possible. After working with her, I watched my draft go from something that had potential but wasn’t quite hitting on all cylinders to a manuscript that finally lived up to what I had set out to write.

I can’t imagine working with any other editor now that I’ve been spoiled by the best.  

Caroyln Crane (also writing as Annika Martin), author of the Disillusionists and Mr. Real:

I absolutely love working with Brenda. She combines rock-solid knowledge of writing rules with a rare sense of finesse–I can always rely on her to ‘get’ my voice and what I’m trying to do and come through with smart suggestions that make the work stronger.

Ryan Casey, author of What We Saw:

When I finished the first draft of my debut novel, What We Saw, I wasn’t sure where to go next. Brenda supported me throughout the entire rewriting process, helped me reconnect with the story, and gave me the direction required to see out the project. Less of a conventional editor and more of a guide, mentor, and friend, I could not recommend Brenda’s services enough.

She’s everything an editor should be–harsh, but not for the sake of it. I particularly like how she doesn’t just go, “This is shit,” and draw a line through stuff, but instead she suggests how things could be bettered in keeping with the narrative. It shows a real engagement with the author, not just from the perspective of a editor. She gets into the author’s head to make our version of the story even better.

Kate Fridkis, blogger and writer of fantasy-in-progress:

Brenda has kept me motivated when I thought I couldn’t face another page. She has given me some of the most helpful feedback I’ve ever received as a writer. After reading only a few of her notes on my book, I knew she understood what I was trying to accomplish and would help me get there, even if my ego got a little bruised along the way. Screw my ego! I knew I could trust her. After working with Brenda on a book project, I got a call from a literary agent, asking me to write something in a different genre. I was totally overwhelmed, but then I remembered that Brenda would be there to guide me through the process. And I felt immediately better. She can handle anything. And her grammar is better than yours. I promise.

Clarisse Thorn, author of Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser and more:

My book was a huge mess pre-Brenda, and I was losing my mind trying to figure out how to organize it. It was like a long series of blog posts with no connective text. Brenda sat me down, forced me to figure out my themes and goals, and helped me talk them out. It was invaluable, and I’m sure the book would be much worse without her influence. Right now, it has 4- to 5-star ratings on places like Amazon and Goodreads!

B. E. Jewell, author of The Hunter’s Son:

Brenda opened windows in my novel that I didn’t even know existed. Her ability to look at a story globally and see the bigger picture still amazes me.  She did so much more than fix my grammar and spelling.  Brenda made me a more aware writer and helped me through the pitfalls every new novelist encounters.  I do not think I would have finished my first novel if not for her guidance.

Christie Inge, writer and coach:

I’m a writer, not an editor, so bringing Brenda onto my virtual team has been critical. What I love most about her is that she edits in a way that makes my “voice” shine through without diluting my writing style. She is also super easy to work and communicate with, and that is a rare find!

T. Stelma, author of Happy Bay and Cole Bay Band:

I am thoroughly impressed with your work. Your instincts are uncanny when it comes to phrases and plot points that troubled me. I could not think of a solution, but you nail them. I felt badly about you having to do so much work, especially when it came to punctuation in dialogue. That is something I have struggled with, and despite researching, never found an answer as concise as your simple explanation. You have gone above and beyond in your assessment, corrections, and recommendations!

Rachel R. White, journalist and blogger:

I hired Brenda for a feature article in journalism that I was really banging my head against. It was on spec for a newspaper and I just couldn’t get it together. Brenda is a wonderful mix of tough love and enthusiasm. She was honest, objective, and clear in her edits. Wonderfully brutal. But she was also a cheerleader. Brenda pulled my original excitement for the story and brought that energy back into the piece. She is an excellent brainstorm-er and has a knack to really see what is missing and create a whole picture. I would hire 10 of her.

Kritika Rao, author of Nethi Nethi:

A thorough professional, Brenda did a phenomenal job of editing my first book, Nethi Nethi. As a newbie author, I needed not just sensitivity but stark honesty from my editor. Brenda balanced the two perfectly. She told me what I didn’t want to hear but needed to, and her enthusiasm was encouraging. She gave the book much-needed objectivity. The final version, edited, pared-down, and SO much more powerful, would not have been possible without her insight.

I’d also like to add that Brenda is a willing listener with an open mind. My book could perhaps be considered controversial, and Brenda helped put several worries to rest. She communicated often and promptly, heard my opinions first, then offered her take on them.

With Brenda, I was most struck by her niceness. Editors aren’t supposed to be nice, but for any new writer, it is a great leap of faith to let a stranger edit their book. Writing was very emotionally intense for me, and it was important that I find an editor who was sensitive. Brenda changed what was needed, commented on things that were unclear, and ultimately sought to understand the tone and setting of the book before making judgments. I could see she would adapt herself to my book, instead of asking my book to adapt to her editing.

M. Lamont, author of Daughters of…:

Brenda is passionate about her work. When it comes to editing, she pours her heart and soul into helping you create nothing but the best. I started out a stranger, but now I feel like family. I am a customer for life–and you will be, too.

Siggy Spelter, author of Charlie the Wonder Kid:

Brenda is thorough, thoughtful and helpful. Her suggestions are always point-on, but never too pushy. She explains the rationale behind her thoughts, and, if you approach her critiques with an open mind, she will make your text better and increase your overall skill with writing.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on your book.