Custom Editing Package

The best books are never written alone.

If you’re looking to publish your best work, consider the custom editing package.

Who it’s for:

Any author looking to make their book the best it can be through multiple, in-depth editorial reviews.

What it is: 

The custom editing package is designed to address all three aspects of a successful book: story, language, and presentation, based on what works best for your book.

My feedback on these three areas of attention are delivered to you through a series of in-text edits and comments, email correspondence, and the critique. The package also includes four hours of consultation, to be used in whatever manner you desire.

The official package is composed of four different elements: the developmental edit and the critique, the line edit, and the copyedit. (The critique and the developmental edit are delivered at the same time.)

This package does not include a proofread–it is best practice to have a proofreader who is fresh to the material.

How it helps:

Putting together an effective book is a herculean task. An outside perspective can help you identify what’s working the way you intended and what needs help. When we work together, I will help you make sure that your book is effective, understandable, and engaging on every level.

What I look for:

The custom editorial package is often a combination of the à la carte editorial passes, with a dash of consultation and post-production support thrown in for good measure. There’s more in-depth information about my editorial considerations available on the individual pages, but here’s a summary of what I’ll be looking for on each pass:

  1. Developmental Edit / Critique
    • Will this story engage the book’s intended audience?
    • Are the characters developed, well-rounded, and consistent?
    • Are the basic elements of story (plot, conflict, and resolution) apparent and developed?
    • If applicable, is the narrator consistent and effective?
  2. Line Edit
    • Is the language clear and easy to understand?
    • Is the language grammatical?
    • Are there any areas of the text that are ineffective, awkward, or disruptive to story flow?
    • Is the text, story, and narration consistent?
  3. Copyedit
    • Is the formatting consistent?
    • Have all errors in grammar and usage been addressed?
    • Is all punctuation present and applied appropriately?
How it works:

After you send me your book, I will put together an editorial approach customized to your book and your needs.

This approach often includes three full editorial revisions of your book. Here’s how that process plays out for most authors:

  1. You send me your finished manuscript and a filled out questionnaire, helping me to tailor my feedback to your needs. 
  2. Developmental editing phase: I read your book for story concerns only, making comments and suggestions in-text as I go.
  3. I prepare a critique and send both my in-text revisions and the critique to you. We schedule a time to talk about my feedback.
  4. Based on my feedback, you make any changes and revisions to your book you deem necessary.
  5. You return the book to me for a line editing pass.
  6. Line editing phase: I read your book for language, making revisions and suggestions in-text as I go.
  7. I return the book, with revisions, to you, and schedule a time to talk, if necessary.
  8. You make the changes you deem necessary and return the book to me.
  9. Copyediting phase: I’ll review the manuscript a final time, looking for any niggling errors or missed punctuation.
  10. I return the book to you, and we talk about your next step, whether that’s looking for traditional publication or self-publishing.

Since most authors choosing this package will devote some time to making changes between editorial passes, the total length of the process varies by project. Much depends on how quickly you work, the length of your book, and my schedule.

That being said, most full book revisions take 6-8 months from the initial contact to the final pass.

Most of my editorial passes on an average book (75,000 -100,000 words) take about three weeks, although line edits are sometimes longer and copy edits are often shorter.

If you have a hard deadline, get in touch–I am happy to accommodate schedule requests and rush orders if my schedule permits.

What they’ve said:

From Ryan Casey:

When I finished the first draft of my debut novel, What We Saw, I wasn’t sure where to go next. Brenda supported me throughout the entire rewriting process, helped me reconnect with the story, and gave me the direction required to see out the project. Less of a conventional editor and more of a guide, mentor, and friend, I could not recommend Brenda’s services enough.

What you’ll get:
  • Respectful, well-intentioned delivery of my thoughts and constructive criticism. Writing is hard work, and I’m not going to make it harder by being mean. (See my no-tears philosophy here.)
  • Priority scheduling.
  • A developmental edit.
  • A critique (a $119 value).
  • A line edit.
  • A copyedit.
  • Four hours of consulting (a $200 value) via video, phone, or chat to discuss my responses, my feedback, or, really, anything you want.
  • Book blurb / query letter editing and development (a $100 value).
  • Post-production support and guidance. Whether you’re planning to self-publish or pursue traditional publishing, I can help you take the next step.

Custom editing packages are $1750 – $2250 for the average book (75,000 – 110,000 words).

Contact me for an estimate on your book!

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