If you’re looking for someone to make sure your book is ready to publish, consider the proofread.

Who it’s for:

Any author with a nearly flawless manuscript looking for an extra set of eyes.

What it is: 

The proofread is a final look over your manuscript before publication. I will be looking for surface-level errors in grammar, missing and misused punctuation, and errors in word usage and mechanics.

What it is not:

A line edit. Proofreading is for books that are nearly finished, which generally means they have already been polished within an inch of their life.

If you’re not sure whether your book is proofread-ready, get in touch. Send me a sample of the first five pages, and I will let you know.


I can complete most proofreads on an average book (75,000 -110,000 words) in about a week. If you have a hard deadline, get in touch–I do my best to accommodate schedule requests and rush orders if my schedule permits.

What you’ll get:
  • Respectful, well-intentioned delivery of my thoughts and constructive criticism. Writing is hard work, and I’m not going to make it harder by being mean. (See my no-tears philosophy here.)
  • My in-text corrections and explanations of grammar mechanics.

The proofreading package starts at $500 for the average book (75,000 – 110,000 words).

Contact me for an estimate on your book!

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