Line Editing

Without clear, effective, and appealing prose, even the best stories will languish unread.

Do you worry about your grammar and language usage? Are you concerned that parts of your book might be difficult to understand? Do sections of your book “sing” in your head but fall flat on paper?

If so, consider the line editing package.

Who it’s for:

Any author looking to improve their book’s clarity, cadence, and prose through an in-depth edit of the book’s language.

What it is: 

The line edit is essentially focused on a single element: the book’s language.

My editorial feedback is delivered to you through a series of in-text edits and comments. The package also includes one hour of consultation to be used in whatever manner you desire.

The line edit does not include feedback on story elements, although I will happily point out small-scale inconsistencies on the story level (eye color, names, blocking, etc.) If you’re looking for in-depth feedback about your story, consider a developmental edit or critique.

How it helps:

The language of a book is crucial–the words convey the story.  This level of editing will highlight and improve the areas of your book where your language falls short.

Errors in mechanics or awkward construction prevent the reader from engaging with your story–and unclear language can kick them out of the flow of your book .

When we work together during a line edit, I will make changes and suggestions intended to clarify your language, and I will identify your grammatical errors and help you understand how to avoid them in the future.  After we’re done, you can be confident that your writing is mechanically sound and primed for reader enjoyment.

What I look for:

While I edit, I’ll be looking to give you feedback about what aspects of your language are effective and what could use improvement. If you’re interested to know what I’ll be looking for as I read, here’s a list of my editorial considerations.

How it works:
  1. Submit your finished manuscript. Let me know if you have any particular concerns you’d like to make sure I address while I edit.
  2. I’ll read and revise your text, focusing on effective language, grammar, and clarity.
  3. I’ll return your marked up manuscript and schedule your consultation.
  4. We’ll talk about your book.

Most of my line edits on an average book (75,000 -100,000 words) take about four weeks. However, if you have a hard deadline, get in touch–I am happy to accommodate schedule requests and rush orders if my schedule permits.

What they’ve said:

From Carolyn Crane (also writing as Annika Martin), author of the Disillusionists and Mr. Real:

I absolutely love working with Brenda. She combines rock-solid knowledge of writing rules with a rare sense of finesse–I can always rely on her to ‘get’ my voice and what I’m trying to do and come through with smart suggestions that make the work stronger.

What you’ll get:
  • Respectful, well-intentioned delivery of my thoughts and constructive criticism. Writing is hard work, and I’m not going to make it harder by being mean. (See my no-tears philosophy here.)
  • My in-text feedback highlighting and explaining patterns in your language. 
  • My in-text suggestions and revisions to your prose.
  • Email consulting until your questions are answered and you feel good about moving forward to the next step.

The line editing package starts at $750 for the average book (70,000 – 110,000 words).

Contact me for an estimate on your book!

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