Crystal Ball Clarity Session (2)

Look. I know there are a million different resources to help you write your book.

There are limitless options–plotting tools, character quizzes, writing groups. There’s almost too much information. 

But for you, finishing your book is not simply a logistical problem.

You know you could figure things out if you needed to, but something always hangs. You lose the spark, you feel the overwhelm. The resources are valuable, but you’re not sure how they apply to you. Something doesn’t quite fit. And the book doesn’t get finished–hell, maybe it never even gets started. But what if you aren’t the one to blame?

I’ve worked with over a hundred different authors who have somehow managed to beat through all the noise and finish their books.

What I’ve learned is this: while each writer has their own personal set of hangups and setbacks, it’s not just the logistics that get in the way. It’s not that you don’t have the perfect tool to organize the material or flesh out the characters–although some outside support in those areas can certainly help.

And it’s not that you’re not committed enough. Or that you don’t care enough, or that other people are more disciplined than you.

It’s the fact that you’re facing down the biggest project of your life.

Finishing a book is like walking a long road. When you set out, you can’t see the end from the starting line–and if you get stuck in the middle, it’s a long way home.

And there are a million paths from where you are in this moment to the book you want to write. If you keep moving forward, you will eventually arrive at your destination: a finished book with your name on the cover.

But there is so much uncertainty between that book and where you currently stand. And you want to know. You want to know that you’re moving in the right direction, that the work and the effort you put in is going to pay off.

And that’s where I can help.

By involving me in your creative process, you no longer need to face this journey alone. Whatever you’re struggling with–overwhelm, time management, character development, plot, conflict, or something else entirely–I’ll help you figure it out. We’ll dig in together, talk about your hopes and your hang ups, and explore your creative process.

All you need to bring is your ideas–and your desire to write. Drafted material is completely optional.

Then, once we’ve gone deep, I’ll put together the action plan. Three immediately actionable next steps that you can tackle right away. Within two weeks, you’ll be three steps closer to finishing your book–and you’ll be moving in a direction that you know is right for you.

No more tossing and turning at night. No more worrying about whether you’ll ever finish. You can finish, and you will.

Writing a book is a monumental task. 

Let’s get you moving on this journey. Together.

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How this will work for you (the nitty, gritty details):

You: let me know what’s going on for you by filling out our pre-session survey. Logistics fears, plotting, terror, excitement–everything is welcome here.

I: soak in your communication, sort through the information, and get a feel for who you are as a writer–and as a person. Every project is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Then: We get together for two hours. We’ll talk through your current situation and identify three concrete steps for moving forward. And not just what you should do, but how.

Afterwards: I’ll follow up. Within three business days, you’ll receive a recording of our session, any materials or sketches that might be useful, and a written summary of what we’ve decided to tackle first. (Check out a sample of the recap here.)

For the next two weeks: You’ll have full email access to me. I’m not going to leave you to tackle the first three steps by yourself. I’ll help you execute and keep you accountable for moving forward.

And lastly: We come together a final time to make sure you’re moving forward in a way that feels good to you. Any open loops or loose strings will be resolved. This will be a great opportunity to go deeper on a topic we’ve talked about, get clarity about something we’d addressed before, or explore additional concerns that have come up for you as you’re moving forward.

I know how isolating it can be to struggle with your manuscript. I know that it’s hard to keep the guilt and the frustration at bay, and I know it can be a challenge to find someone in your life who can give you the insight that you need.

My commitment to you is this: together, we will get you moving forward.

We will identify your roadblocks. We’ll create a plan of action. And I’ll be there to support you as you begin to tackle one of the largest projects of your life.  In one month from today, you will have made progress on your book. The time will pass one way or another–let’s work together to help you be productive.

Your financial commitment: $350

Want to get started?

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Some common questions:

Is it okay if I haven’t started my book? Yes. We can do pre-book planning together even if you haven’t written a word.

Is it okay if I’m in the middle of my book? Yes. We can talk about what would be most useful to you–I’m happy to read some of your manuscript before our conversation. We can talk about what’s the best fit for your project and your situation.

Is it okay if I have finished my book? Yes. If your concern is about the manuscript itself, I’m happy to read some of your book and give you my advice. We can also talk about next steps that would be a good fit for you as you move into the revision stage. If you’re interested in a deeper examination of your manuscript in its entirety, my full-scale editorial services are available here.

Is it okay to do our sessions on the phone instead of over the Internet? Yes. I prefer to use video conferencing (Skype / Google Hangout, etc.), but if you would prefer that I call you, that can be arranged.

Is it okay if it takes me more than two weeks to implement? Yes. We can schedule our second conversation up to one month after our first session, although this package includes only two weeks of email support.

Is it possible to continue our work beyond the two sessions included in this package? Yes. If you’re interested in expanding our work beyond the first two sessions, just let me know.

How many authors do you work with at a time? It’s crucial for me that I am able to give you the support you need and deserve as you begin this process, and so I only work with three authors in this capacity every month to ensure that I have the space and capacity to support you. Once those slots are filled, they’re filled.

Let’s get started.

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