Sample Edits

Want to make sure we’re a good fit? Get a sample edit!

It’s a great way to get a feel for my editorial feedback, and it’s completely free. No strings attached, promise.

For editorial services

  • Send me a sample of your manuscript in a .doc compatible format.
  • Let me know what level of editing you’re thinking about, or let me know if you’re not sure. I’ll be happy to give you a recommendation.
  • I’ll return your sample with at least five pages (up to 2000 words) of in-text edits, comments, and suggestions.
  • Just so you know–your sample won’t end up spread around the internet. I take my commitment to client privacy very seriously.  

If you’re ready to get your free sample, contact me. Or, if you’d like some more information first, check out my editing philosophy, take a look at my FAQs, or learn more about me and my business.