Editing Philosophy

The most important thing you need to know about my editing philosophy is this:

I work under a strict no-tears philosophy (see image 1A).

As an editor, I am here to support you, the author. I am in service to your needs.

If you need me to make sure you’ve added all your periods, that’s my job.
If you need me to help you make your language sing, that’s my job.
If you need me to ensure that your plot holds water, that’s my job.
And, if you need me to listen or commiserate, to give you strength, or to encourage you, that is also my job.

It is my desire that you will come to a better understanding of yourself as a writer, as a storyteller, and as a person by working with me.

That being said, I have high standards for good writing, and I stick to them. I will not hesitate to share my honest opinion with you, positive or negative. I will tell you where I think you can be a more effective writer, and I will give you feedback that will help you implement my suggestions. I won’t draw attention to your weaknesses and abandon you to figure them out. If you work with me, we will work together to polish your writing.

Still, I understand that each writer needs to make his or her own creative decisions. I don’t expect you to agree with every suggestion I make. I won’t force you to “fix” your book to make it fit my idea of salable, and I will do my best to help you write more like you, quirks and all.

Ultimately, I want to help you develop your work to its maximum potential.

After all, this is your book we’re talking about, not mine.

 universal no sign with a teardrop