becoming super legit! in one easy step!

I want to talk about business cards, because obviously they are the ultimate paragon of legit-ness.

You really can’t get more official than a business card, right? If you are DOING something, and if you have a little card that says you’re doing it, you are IN BUSINESS. It has your title. It might have your face on it. Or your company’s logo. Or YOUR logo. No one is going to argue with a business card.

picture of a business card

My first editorial business cards! I was so legit!

Do you remember the first time you got business cards with your name on them? I might be exposing my strange career past here, but when I got business cards at my first job out of college, I was like: “Brenda. You’re an adult now. You have a card.”

They had my title on them–which was like Assistant Something-or-other. But it didn’t matter! I had a job! I had a piece of card stock with my name on it.

But the thing is–business cards are a lie.

Anyone can print anything on a little piece of card stock. After $25 and a trip to Office Max, I could be the Queen of Editorial Awesomeness or Super Ninja Extraordinaire. I don’t need a real job and a real title to be a card-toting badass.

But the business card does provide something–it provides proof. And it provides permission. Permission to be who you want to be. Concrete evidence that you are doing a thing–and a thing that matters.

And while the card itself is a fallacy, the permission to be who you are–to feel like you’ve arrived–and to have proof that you can be who you want to be is totally worth something.

So, if you want to be legit in one easy step, head over to Vistaprint  and make yourself a business card. Make it represent who you are going to become. Writer. Author. Dreamer of Worlds.

And then get them printed and send them to yourself. Don’t just fill out the form and leave the tab open until your computer crashes. Commit to yourself. Be who you are going to be. Give yourself permission. And get yourself a card.

After all, the validation of your dreams is totally worth a bit of graphic design and the cost of shipping–right?


  1. Your phrasing of leaving the tab open until the computer crashes is so true … I have been meaning to order business cards for literally years now. I need to Just Do It!

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